jeudi 7 décembre 2006

[Win] Video/Audio conversion with MMconvert

I'm searching for a tool to convert videos on Windows (in particular wmv) in a more open format. I also need a command line control (for later Python scripting).

A quick search on SourceForge brings me a first tool : MMconvert

In its installation folder there are MMconvert.exe (for command line) and MMConvertGUI (with a GUI ...)

The GUI version:

- choose the video container in "Video Operations" (I have avi, wmv,mkv)
- "add" one or more video to convert
- select the video and audio codecs to use, "ok" -> "execute"

Command line version:

Let say I want to convert my wmv into a matroska (mkv).

First I check for the audio and video codecs that I have on my computer (and that I can use with this container):
MMconvert.exe /f:mkv /lv
MMconvert.exe /f:mkv /av

This commands gives a list of codecs I can use for the matroska container (just remember the associated number, X and Y in the following).

To convert the video:
MMconvert.exe if=test.wmv of=test.mkv /f:mkv /v:X /a:Y

if= input file
of=output file
f=format (for the container: avi,wmv,mkv...)

To know more about the aguments : mmconvert.exe /?

It looks like a great tool but I haven't found yet if I can hide the little "Status windows" in command-line mod. I don't see either if I can play with the bitrate

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