jeudi 11 janvier 2007

[Python] Generating an html doc for your script(s)

Python comes with a "pydoc" utility. On windows it is lacated in C:\Python2X\Lib (you may want to add this directory to your system path)

To produce an html documentation of a script or module type in a DOS shell (at the level of your script) : -w nameOfYourScript

- don't type the .py extension in the command above
- respect the uppercase and small caps even on windows.
- your script must have some docstrings

The above command produce a nameOfYourScript.html doc with the classes, methods, functions, etc.

For a more powerful and complete alternative I use the excellent Epydoc that you can download here:

On windows after the installation you can find the epydoc script in C:\Python2X\Scripts (you may want to add this directory to your system path)

To use epydoc just type in a shell in the folder containing your script(s): scriptNameWithoutPyExtension

This will produce an "html" folder : read the index.html in your browser and enjoy :)

jeudi 4 janvier 2007

Firefox extensions

A selection of useful Firefox extensions (updated 19 Fev 2007):

* Google Toolbar 3 (beta)
* Gutil a "Google Start Menu"
* Super DragAndGo for tabs
* Greasemonkey
* Flashblock
* gTranslate
* Key Scrambler
* Python Sidebar